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Hear Better Centers are experts in supporting the growth of hearing healthcare practices across the USA.


Hear what other practice owners have to say about Hear Better Centers


“Selling my practice to HBC has not only lightened my load professionally, but also mentally.  I find myself enjoying my work now more than ever. Since selling, my business has grown tremendously and we are on target to gross 35% more than we did last year in revenues. I have reaped the rewards in my personal life as well. I am much happier, less snippy, and laugh more than I have in years. Selling was the best decision I could have made and I have not once regretted it.”



“Since selling my practice to HBC my family has noticed that I am much happier and less stressed. I no longer spend my Saturday’s at the office catching up. Now I know that I don’t have to do it all because I have a great support system in HBC. I still run the practice as if it was my own and no one from HBC is breathing down my neck. I have never felt pressured to change or do anything out of my comfort zone. I look forward to continuing to build a practice that I will be proud of in every way. I find that I am pushing myself to help more people and remembering what I enjoyed about practicing audiology before opening my business 5 years ago.”



Hear Better Centers actually helped me realize the true value of my practice. They were respectful of my staff and me, handling everything in a professional manner with complete confidentiality. I am happy to now be working for HBC and continuing to build what I started. I’m enjoying the financial benefits I derived from selling my practice.”



“HBC helped me attain the financial reward of selling my practice while allowing me to remain an integral part of its continued growth. Unlike other entities, they are not buying the units and leaving me to run the practice because they aren’t equipped to do so. They are committed to growing the practice and helping more people hear well.”



“When I finally decided to sell, I really didn’t know what my business was worth. I’d heard different opinions about how to value my business. One times this, two times that. HBC explained the business principles behind a real valuation. Both my accountant and my attorney agreed to their offer. The rest is history.”