Ensuring your legacy while securing your patients' and employees' future
Hear Better Centers are experts in supporting the growth of hearing healthcare practices across the USA.

Proven Practice Principles

Each of HBC’s Proven Practice Principles have been developed and tested to deliver outstanding results.

Outcome Oriented Business Procedures & Practices

Support is provided in introducing, implementing, training, coaching and measurement of 15 key areas of focus.  The key to success is the level of guidance and support we provide for changing behavior in line with the following objectives:

  1. Focus on all essential  business functions including: Sales Analysis, Billing, Customer Care, Collections, Finance, IT, Recruiting, Marketing, Inside Sales (telemarketing) and Sales Administration;
  2. Business Planning and Pro Forma;
  3. Tracking business objectives and Key Performance Indicators;
  4. Out of Warranty Sales Initiatives;
  5. Scheduling;
  6. Patient Referrals;
  7. Third Party;
  8. Telemarketing;
  9. Staff Meetings;
  10. Prospect Management;
  11. Front Office Training;
  12. Audiology/Dispensing Training;
  13. Practice Development and Physician Referral Marketing;
  14. Operations Director;
  15. Marketing Planning

 Marketing Planning

  • Marketing planning systems & procedures to set the business apart from the competition and to drive opportunities into the practice;
  • System integration to track, mine and convert opportunities;
  • Proven content and campaigns;
  • Budget allocation and planning to maximize return on investment.

Employee Retention and Development

Your Employees are your most valuable asset.  We will look after them to help them grow.   Our programs are designed to maximize employee strengths, drive productivity, and ensure loyalty through the following:

  • Clear roles related to patient care and corporate goals. People do great things, if they enjoy what they are doing and are good at it;
  • Staff members will be rewarded above industry standards for being part of the growth strategy for the practice;
  • On-going training will be provided  to support the practice goals and to insure “best of class” patient care;
  • Making the workplace something they are proud of and enjoy coming to each day.

Focused Patient Care

  • “Best of Class” patient care focused on satisfaction and enhanced customer  experiences;
  • We know how patients make decisions and how they want to be treated when they visit our centers;
  • We provide an experience that focuses on professionalism, patients’ needs, engagement and demonstration of device benefit;
  • We encourage family interaction and improve our patient’s quality of life;
  • Our ultimate goal is to provide every patient and their family with a rewarding experience with us that will exceed their expectations.

Financial Freedom:

  • We’re ready when you are to plan your exit strategy or retirement plan;
  • What’s best for you is what’s best for us;
  • Make your future what you want it to be.  You choose your direction and involvement;
  • Retire now with the financial freedom to do what you want, when you want;
  • Be rewarded for being part of the growth strategy for your practice; and exit on your schedule at a later date;
  • Use your influence with your colleagues to become part of the HBC family.