Ensuring your legacy while securing your patients' and employees' future
Hear Better Centers are experts in supporting the growth of hearing healthcare practices across the USA.


Increased Revenue

Hear Better Centers (HBC) has grown rapidly since its inception in November 2010.  The company is concentrating its expansion east of the Mississippi and now includes practices in New York City, New York State, Maine, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, West Virgina, Georgia, Illinois and Indiana.  HBC has over 150 employees including nearly 60 Doctors of Audiology.  In 2012, our acquisitions revenue increased up to 42% compared to the same period prior to purchase by HBC.

All About HBC

HBC offers owners of hearing health care practices over 30 years of expertise in practice management, personnel development, marketing and office automation – those services necessary to take your practice to the next level.  We are a private equity company that is dedicated to investing in and growing progressive hearing care practices.  Upon purchase, HBC will not change the name of your business, replace your employees, or restrict your involvement in decision making.  We’re here to help grow your business to its full potential.  By partnering with HBC you can release yourself from the daily stress of business operations and engage in the activities that provide professional fulfillment.

The Benefits of Selling

If you are ready to sell now and want to continue your professional engagement, HBC will collaborate with you to provide:

  • Financial freedom for you and your practice’s future
  • Employee retention through a dedicated long term training and skills program
  • Proven Practice Principles (P3) to grow your practice
  • Focused patient care to deliver an outstanding customer experience and increased satisfaction.

HBC believes that what is best for you is best for us.  We want to work with you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

For more information

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