Ensuring your legacy while securing your patients' and employees' future
Hear Better Centers are experts in supporting the growth of hearing healthcare practices across the USA.

Services Overview

HBC has developed an array of best practice processes known as Proven Practice Principles (P3).  P3 is a proven business strategy, which enables hearing health care practices to deliver best in class patient care as well as business growth beyond expectations.

The Proven Practice Principles (P3) will:

  • Ensure the growth and development of your practice;
  • Enhance your employees’ expertise and job satisfaction;
  • Ensure an outstanding customer experience.

From day one, Proven Practice Principles deliver!  Here is what you can expect:

  • Outcome Driven Business Processes We will implement, train, coach and manage 15 proven business strategies, that are designed to drive exceptional growth and customer satisfaction; 
  • Marketing Planning –  Our dedicated HBC Marketing department will implement a comprehensive Marketing plan designed to identify and attract new patient care opportunities and support the growth of your practice;
  • Employee Retention and Development – Every member of your team will receive an on-going training and skills program designed to ensure that your staff remain motivated, knowledgeable and strong contributors to the practice’s success;
  • Focused Patient Care – HBC’s Proven Practice Principles will achieve outstanding patient satisfaction levels, helping the practice build a base of loyal patients for the future;
  • Financial Freedom – Whether you are looking to retire and leave your practice in capable hands or you wish to stay engaged and help grow your practice, we will work with you to enhance your practice’s growth and financial performance, providing you with financial security to ensure your legacy and reputation lives on in the community.